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Applications for railway transport- T suite
Applications for Human Resources- HR suite
Applications for optimizing organizational performance- Infor suite
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Solutions to increase organizational efficiency

Applications for railway transport: T-Suite

Train Staff: ITC Ts

The ITC Ts solution developed by ITC is designed to support the management of railway personnel activities.

Train Orders: ITC To

The ITC To system is designed by ITC to address an issue that most transport operators have: keeping track of the railway cars requested by different customers.

Train Tracking: ITC Tt

The ITC Tt solution developed by ITC is designed to support the management of the transportation activities.

Train Routes and Structures: ITC Trs

The application was developed in order to provide a rigorous route and train structure management.

Infor ERP LN railway : Infor OS; Infor BI, Infor EAM

Integrated system for managing the company's resources completed with functionalities for the management of railway activities

Train cost expert: ITC Tce

ITC Tce is designed for computing rail transport cost of goods.

Train fuel consumption: ITC Tfc DMCC

ITC Tfc DMCC is a rail engine diesel consumption meter, measuring fuel consumption based-on pressure, flow, temperature and engine rotational speed.

Train documents: ITC TdECN

ITC TdECN - Electronic Consignment Note is an online instrument for editing, managing and tracking bills of lading which accompany rail cars.

HR Suite

Applications for Human Resources - HR suite

Document Management: ITC HRdm

Document Management is a web-based platform for document handling inside a rail company, displaying users, creating flows, sending notifications and showing statuses and resolutions.

Intranet: ITC HRint

ITCHRint is an Intranet platform offered in English and Romanian, comprising at the core the following sections: Home, Organizational chart, Profile, Library, Messenger, News, Galleries, Paid leave requests.

Infor Suite

Applications for optimizing organizational performance- Infor Suite

Infor ERP LN

Integrated company resource management solution, extremely flexible and scalable that allows beneficiaries to adapt rapidly to market changes, meet customer requirements in a timely manner, to have a complete picture of the available resources.

Infor EAM

The management solution of the maintenance of fixed assets ensures the management of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance activities, digitalization of call center activities, and management of spare parts and maintenance materials.

Infor CRM

It is a modular web application (various modules can be added) for communication and sales support. It is the personal assistant of every salesman. It helps not to lose leads, quickly find information and make notes based on discussions.

Infor BI

BI (Business Intelligence) offer historical perspectives, along with perspectives on current operations and forecasts of business operations.


Infor OS

Infor OS groups the solutions offered under the umbrella of Infor and assures interconnectivity with solutions offered by other providers.

Online apps

Online applications and data communication

Data Center

ITC manages its own modern Data Center

Hosting Services

These services comprise a wide range of equipment housing and application hosting options

.ro Domain Management

All services needed to choose the right name, register and extend usage

Development of Web Applications

ITC has the capabilities to develop from simple but attractive presentation websites to complex but friendly web-based applications

Antivirus solutions

ITC offers NOD32 antivirus solutions and other products from ESET based on a long-term partnership

Technical support and maintenance of computer networks

Tailored help-desk and offsite and onsite services for small, medium and large organizations

Internet access

Professional services targeted to organizations

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