ITC employs a wide variety of technologies in designing, developing and implementing software solutions and products.


The partnership between ITC and Infor is based on a long-term collaboration between ITC and Baan and Datastream, companies which were acquired by Infor in 2006. ITC consultants integrate and adapt Infor's first-tier solutions according to customer characteristics and their industry: construction of machines and equipment, electronics, aeronautics, transport, chemistry, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, food, utilities and others. The distribution and implementation of Baan solutions on the Romanian market has a history starting from 1997 and sums up tens of successful implementations. Currently, from that family, ITC is technically supporting the following solutions: BAAN IVc4, Baan ERP 5.0, Infor ERP LN 6.1 (Baan ERP 6.1) and Infor PLM / PDM.


ITC has been developing a proprietary content management system (CMS) for more than 10 years, using PHP, MariaDB (MySQL), JQuery and SMARTY for the purpose of making available easy-to-access and easy-to-maintain online applications suitable for a great array of domains and organizations. This CMS can act as an infrastructure/environment for many types of applications, such as simple presentation websites, product galleries, online shops, Intranet solutions, market places or other online applications. The main benefits of this CMS are its ease of use by non-technical users and its versatility. The CMS has a modular structure, each module entailing different functionalities, such structure rendering a very useful technical framework for many purposes.


Microsoft Technologies

ITC has a strong partnership with Microsoft, developing applications in various Microsoft technologies through a team with significant experience in building solutions for customers in various fields, such as: health, transportation or education. ITC is also actively involved in connecting the developed applications with other solutions implemented by customers, collaborating closely with them in order to optimize processes and routes.

PHP, Maria DB (MySQL)

ITC develops applications in PHP and MariaDB, the competencies being unified at the level of a team with a long experience in creating applications in a wide array of fields, such as: retail, transport, education or art. In addition to developing applications, ITC also provides their integration with applications already implemented by the customer. In the development of applications and their integration with other applications, ITC works with customer in all project phases, starting with functionality delimitation, solution architecture design, implementation and maintenance.