About Us

ITC is a solution integrator with a considerable tradition on the Romanian market, its experience gained in over 50 years of activity in complex projects implemented in various fields, such as transport, infrastructure, environment, agriculture or culture rendering ITC an exceptional partner. <br><br> ITC offers world-class products and solutions, adapted to the specifics of the local market and integrative with a wide universe of applications.


We aim to build mutually beneficial partnerships with customers to generate professional solutions, exceptional services, quality products and unmatched technical support. Only together with our customers we can contemplate about the future, with them we can progress, together we can be stronger. 


We give customers the freedom to focus on their core business, leaving their IT to experts. We offer them the opportunity to reinvent themselves! With ITC always by their side, flexible and adaptable, they will build the courage to do so. Our innovative solutions do not impose limits, but offer leverage with which our customer, actually our partner, opens the door to self-improvement and success.


Innovation. Our competencies transposed in the attained achievements, such as the first computer produced in Romania and the awards obtained in research, place us in the Romanian IT elite. Today, we use the most advanced technologies and equipment to generate unbeatable results.
Perseverance. We proactively get involved in collaborating with our customers through real partnerships, offering them not simple products or services, but complex, complete solutions: hardware, software and communication.
Passion. We put passion in all undertaken activities! We believe in what we do and we want to continuously improve!