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About Us

Established in 1967 as a national research and developing institute, Institute for Computers marked important moments in birth and development of informatics field in Romania.

We are an integrator of solutions
with tradition, with expertize in technological and applicative research, specialized in the realization of complex projects in fields as diverse as: transportation, infrastructure, environment, agriculture, industry, culture, medicine, and others.
We offer leading products and solutions in the global market, complemented and integrated with systems tailored to the industry and the specific requirements of each customer.
We run research and development projects which are recognized and appreciated in the academic and scientific community. The results of our research implement in practice, our innovative ideas become reality.
We provide complete solutions: hardware, software and communication. 


Best business solutions worldwide. Gartner's analysis of recent years consider Infor EAM as the absolute world leader in the field of computer products for the management of maintenance for fixed assets. The solution is implemented by more than 60% of the  “Fortune 500” companies. More details...


Integrated systems & solutions, using the most modern and diverse technologies. More details...


Intelligent and innovative solutions, tailored to the needs of the railway companies, helping to increase revenues and reduce costs by streamlining the activities of exploitation, maintenance and use of assets, and the management of resources. More details...


IT outsourcing, integrated communication, diagnosis and advice, online solutions, managed services. More details...