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“COST EXPERT” - System costing rail freight

The "Cost-Expert" is designed by  ITC computing to meet the cost of rail transport of goods.
The "Cost-Expert" in the costing process takes into account both the effects of current track geometry and the current methods of calculation, in an improved form.
The "Cost-Expert" provides a graphical interface in a language that it becomes very easy to use and understandable for every user. Most of the actions are performed automatically by the application "Cost-Expert".
The "Cost-Expert" is designed entirely based on 3 major concepts: robustness, flexibility and simplicity.


• Simplify decision making graphical script using transport services.
• Minimizes user intervention;
• Increase the level of appreciation of the opportunity costs they offer to modify the graphic script impact of benefits automatically change costs.
• Allows access to a central archive with historical costing.
• It is simple and flexible, easy to learn and use.
• Allows integration with other applications.
• It is easy to customize. Application architecture has been built to allow future changes in a short time.


  • Significantly increase the accuracy of the results by calculating the exact TUI and by designing more rigorous scenario provision;
  • Allows a constructive dialogue with representatives of the department operating on the graph that underlies the determination of the benefit costs;
  • Perform tow sheet in different variants (Detailed, simplified, optimized);
  •  Determine and draw a default chart sheet performance under optimized coupling;
  • Performs calculation of transport costs and physical indicators of provision;
  • Allows printing reports the results of cost, schedule, and script files towing;
  • Provide relevant saving files with names allowing easy search in the future;
  • Allows input, alteration, deletion of a cost input already done, the new version is saved under a different name;
  • Generate a specific archive files costing over time;
  • We provide a cost update old with one click;